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Psalm 33:12

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    We want to say thank you to God and to all of you for helping with our ministry trips to Romania.  God continues to do so many wonderful things in the people there. During our trip this fall we were so blessed to see that Pastor Mihai & Paula and Pastor Ninio & Lore are doing a fantastic job continuing the work of the two churches that God used us to plant. 


We spent a lot of time with both couples going over things in the church, working on the spiritual side as well as the practical side with things with the accounting, rentals, and constructions plans.  In Cluj we have begun to save for a property for the church to purchase, and in Ocna-Mures, Mihai was finally able to get the construction plans approved, and they will be moving forward with beginning the construction of the new church.  (As many of you remember, the property was purchased years back for this reason, and now God is opening doors to begin the actual construction process).

We talked with our staff from both churches and began working with all of them on ways to improve the churches and to make sure that we always keep our eyes on the Lord in all we do.  We were so thankful that this year God gave us an extended stay as we were able to get to know many of the new people that come to both churches.  Our time there was very busy, but very productive, as God was with us every step of the way.  We are praying that our visit reminded both churches, our pastors, and our staff, that God has not forgotten them and that He has a great plan for them and the churches where they serve. 


Below are some of the pictures from our trip.  We were able to have marriage conferences in both churches, our student conference “Torent”, time with the staff and pastors, dinners with many from both churches, ladies' and men’s events, and of course time serving in the church services.  Looking back it is incredible how God helped us to pack so much into so little time. 

We are praying that the fruit from Him will remain and multiply as those there continue to be faithful and serve where He has called them. 


Thank you again for being a part of our ministry trips to Romania. May God bless each of you abundantly for all you do!

Nick, Carole, Rachel, Nicholas, & Joshua

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