MARCH  2020



God has given our family a special calling to go to Romania and show the love of Jesus Christ to the people. I (Nick) was born and raised in Romania, and together with my wife, Carole, we lived in Romania and planted two churches from 1999 to 2014.  We trained pastors to take care of each of the churches, and now we live in the United States and are in Romania seasonly to check on everything and oversee the work there. 

We have three children who are actively involved in the mission work that we do.  Rachel, Nicholas, and Joshua are all students at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They are studying and preparing for the life that God has given them .

We believe that we are called to  be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people and nation of Romania.  Our heart is to give them the material things they need, build relationships with them, and preach the Gospel to them by words and works.   



Our heart is to train local pastors and leaders who impact their communities

through the local churches. They are doing this through children's church, teen ministry, university outreach, feeding the poor, and raising up families after God's heart.

We want to make a difference in our generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




“I have set you

to be a light for the Gentiles,

that you may bring salvation

to the uttermost parts

of the earth.” 

Acts 13:47


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