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God is using the music, the songs, and our testimony as a Christian band in this generation.  Our desire is to produce original Romanian songs which will transform and change lives.  We currently have produced eight albums. We have traveled around Romania as well as into other parts of Europe.  God has really favored us and opened incredible doors to us to minister in.  God has called us in the Time and for this Generation, to raise up a standard for purity and holiness among young people.

"Worship is the one tool

that always takes us to where God is. Once there,

we will never be the same."

"Your Love" is the latest single from Decean band and it is in the Romanian language. You can have a listen by clicking the YouTube video on the left, or you can buy it on iTunes below.

"El Shadai" is a great song, 

written and performed in the Romanian language. Click on the left to watch the music video. You can also purchase it on iTunes by clicking below.

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