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SECOND CHURCH PLANT - Started in the Fall of 2008

Our second church is in a town an hour away from the first one.  This church was started when many of our high school students graduated and moved to Cluj to go to college.  We saw very quickly the need to have a place of worship for them in their home away from home.  The church began with a weekly Bible study, and quickly evolved into a church.  Cluj is a city where 100,000 university students attend school.  Our vision with this church is to reach the students who moved there but have not settled in a church, and also to reach those who are not yet saved.  We want to see these students on fire for God, hearing the voice of God, getting God’s direction for their lives, and then doing His will.  

This church has grown so much and now includes not only students, but so many families with children.  They now meet in a cinema in the middle of the city every Sunday morning.  The cinema has plenty of room for growth.  People are bringing their friends, and many are being saved.  

In 2008 the Torent Conference began, and this year will be the 12th edition.  This is an annual conference geared to the university student population.  It is a place where Christians can be refreshed, and those who don't know the Lord yet, can be saved.  The conference is scheduled for October 18-20, 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  

Church Pastors Cluj-Napoca Transylvania Romania

Ninio and Lore Decean have been pastoring Carpenter's House in Cluj-Napoca since 2014. They have such a passion and love for their generation and do their best to show that to all who come. Ninio is a graduate of Christ for the Nations in Texas, and Lore is a great help beside him. They have two children, Tessa who is 6, and Lucas who is 3 years old.  

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