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God’s Presence and Revival - We are praying for God’s presence to be with us wherever we go and to bring answers to people’s prayers as He uses us to minister there. Also we are asking God for a fresh touch from heaven for our staff and churches.

God’s Protection - Our family will be traveling a lot both to and from Romania, but also inside of Romania. Thank you for praying for our safety as well as for the Lord to keep us healthy.


God’s Provision - For our family, the staff, the churches, and the ministry in Romania as we have all the special events and the times of refreshing for the people of God.


Time with the Pastors & Staff - For fresh vision and fresh passion. For God to help us to know His direction with the ministry for the future and to put strategy into place for fulfilling what our churches are called to do for the Kingdom of God.


Events during the Fall - Torent Student Conference, Marriage Conference, Girls’ Retreat, Guys’ Outings, Baptisms, Staff Retreat, and many other meetings and times with families there.

It's all about Jesus!

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